Importer of Record (IOR) services in Saudi Arabia

Importer of Record (IOR) services in Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest countries that export crude oil all over the world. However, imports also play a key role in the country’s economy and mostly rely on Saudi Standards of Import. Every import coming into Saudi Arabia with respect to ICT equipment must comply with SASO requirements. Saudi Arabia is one of the most complicated countries when it comes to importing ICT equipment. A long list of compliance requirements needs to be met which includes PCoC & SCoC, CITC & G-Mark.

Most of the time, IT companies selling into Saudi Arabia or delivering FOC shipments to data centers, ISP’s, Banks, etc are unable to meet the custom compliance requirements which results in seizing of their equipment by the Saudi customs, or return back with hefty fines. Here, TLS Technology plays a vital role as an IOR to help the IT sector to make this process easy.

Why should you miss this amazing opportunity to open up your business further?  TLS Technology has got you covered with its reliable IOR services for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so you don’t have to worry about all those hurdles coming your way to success. All countries have rules and regulations that confirm the standard of imported goods.

While importing to Saudi Arabia, you need to take care of a lot of compliance which must be adhered to by an IOR, every product importing into Saudi Arabia must be registered on the Importer SABER portal. TLS Technology can ensure easy transformation of your goods into Saudi Arabia. TLS as an IOR will import goods under his name and apply for all certifications required against your products, pay duty taxes & clear the goods from custom & deliver them to the actual user. TLS won’t include the end-user at any stage of the import transaction.

Requirements for importing goods to KSA

Saber System is a database of Importer Product Registration which has been placed by the Saudi Authorities for the last year. All Regulated products must be registered on Saber Portal.

Documentation requirements for Product Registration under SABER:

  • IECEE 3rd party Test Report validity 3 years from the current date.
  • Marking Labels.
  • Product Photos from all four sides.

Once the product is registered under SABER, the CB will issue the certificate PCOC which acts as a passport for goods. PCoC is valid for one year in case if the customer is moving the same product with a different model number there is no need to register the new model number only the model number will be added in existence PCoC. The time process is 2 to 3 working days. Once the product is registered SCoC is required to move the shipment into KSA. SCoC is required every time you are importing the goods into KSA.

Additional certification of CITC may require if the product has 4G/5G, wifi & sim card option CITC may take up to 3 weeks.

Why should you rely on TLS?

TLSTechnology has its physical presence in KSA, Dammam with its own manpower. TLS imports goods under its own name and applies for all certification by its in-house compliance team. We have an in-house brokerage team stationed in Dammam who is responsible for the clearance of goods. We do not outsource brokerage services to any third party. TLS has its own registration in SABER and works directly with the CB for issuing certificates.

TLS has helped many clients by simplifying their international logistics over the years. TLS, with its extremely reliable and trustworthy services, has assisted many customers with their networking goods, IT Equipment, Telecom & Satellite equipment’s into Saudi Arabia. It’s a single organization where your all international trading needs are fulfilled and the best IOR services have been provided. With TLS Technology you don’t have to worry about the certificates and documents needed, compliance issues, and all your technology components are moved trouble-free.

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