IOR Services in Pakistan

IOR Services in Pakistan
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After independence, Pakistan mostly relied on the textile, leather, sports, carpet, and agriculture industry. The ICT infrastructure is mostly dependent on the import of ICT equipment. Pakistan is not an IT manufacturer or services contractor country but does stand among the leading countries in the world for software development. Numerous foreign entities and Fortune 500 companies outsource their software development programs to Pakistan.

Almost every business from banks to FMCG, ISPs to data centers, manufacturing units to e-commerce need ICT support for their operations and they are dependent on imports.

Pakistan is one of the most complicated countries when it comes to importing ICT equipment. After the regulation of FATA (Financial Action Task Force), Pakistan has been put into a grey list which makes it barely impossible to import Free of cost equipment without a commercial transition or FOC approval by the State bank of Pakistan.

  • All imports into Pakistan are subject to an EIF approval (Electronic Import Form). Goods cannot be cleared in customs until EIF is not approved.
  • EIF is an import form that is approved by the State Bank of Pakistan on the credibility of an IOR, but unfortunately SBP does not allow FOC import in Pakistan without providing proper documentation. Dor instance, Services & WR (Warranty replacement) contracts, payment proof, Security Bound, etc.
  • Lot of customers have faced penalties, seizing of equipment’s and even being backlisted because they were in the wrong hands and were not able to meet customs and compliance requirements.

TLS Technology is the right choice to move FOC equipment into Pakistan. TLS has approval from SBP to act as an IOR for FOC Movement without engaging in any commercial transaction.

Requirements for importing goods to Pakistan:

An import license is required because only a company registered in Pakistan can import if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must-Have a National Tax Number (NTN) & Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) from the FBR.
  • IOR must be a member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industries.
  • Must have user details for WeBOC /PSW (Pakistan Single Window).
  • State Bank approval to form Free of Cost (FOC) Electronic Import Form (EIF).

There are no strict Compliance Requirements to import into Pakistan when it comes to technical compliance; however, there is some equipment that has 4G/5G, Wi-Fi & Sim card options that require PTA Type Approval & NOC. In case the manufacturer or shipper already has PTA TA in place, TLS can apply for PTA NOC based on TA and can import restricted goods without applying TA on its name. There is some additional restricted equipment that is categorized as dual encrypted and requires approval from the military communication department. TLS has the experience and expertise in dealing with these types of equipment.

Why should you rely on TLS?

TLS Technology has its physical presence in Pakistan, with its own office and manpower. TLS imports goods under its own name and applies for all certification by its in-house compliance team. We have an in-house brokerage team stationed in Islamabad & Karachi who is responsible for the clearance of goods. We do not outsource brokerage services to any third party. TLS has its own registration in WeBOC/PSW and applies directly for EIF approval. We also have registration with PTA & apply for all TA & NOC from the company portal.

TLS has helped many clients by simplifying their International Logistics over the years. TLS, with its extremely reliable and trustworthy services, has assisted many customers with their networking goods, IT equipment, and telecom & satellite equipment in Pakistan. TLS Technology is the one-stop solution for all International Trading needs & the most reliable IOR services provider. With TLS Technology, you don’t have to worry about the certificates, documents needed, and compliance issues. All your technology components are moved trouble-free.

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