Mission and Vision of TLS Technology

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With dynamic changes taking place all over the world, we need to adapt to the new norms and technological advancements that are rapidly happening. We must look ahead, understand the trends, and implement changes that will shape our business to move swiftly towards the future. Our mission is to scale new heights in global presence, customer service, and technological up-gradation.  


Our aim is to be the most trustable partner for our client base around the globe. International Trade Compliance should not be the reason that prohibits companies from deploying their technology hardware across the globe. We hope to mark our name in the ICT industry across Importer of Record (IoR) or Exporter of Record (EoR) services. Becoming a trade compliance partner that will enable you to focus on your core business activities is our long-term VISION. 


Our values are deeply rooted in four things

  • Earn the trust of our customers and maintain transparency in all our dealings; committed to doing business the right way
  • Provide quality service and meet our customer’s demands as well as healthy long-term relationships with all our partners across different countries
  • We deeply cherish our relationships with all our employees, who bring diverse backgrounds and work collaboratively to contribute and grow with the organization
  • We are committed to becoming the reigning industry leader by offering competitive rates as compared to the industry and achieving superior results for our stakeholders and customers     

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