Robotics gains momentum in Logistics

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The main goal of every industry is to increase productivity and efficiency. Moreover, these industries are concerned about lowering their production cost without affecting the quality of their products. Those who run these industries want to use fewer human resources to focus more on the manufacturing phase to increase profit margins. For that purpose, industries have been introduced to robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Be it healthcare, agriculture, food preparation, military, or manufacturing industry, they have become prudent about robot technology to get the most out of the production stage.

You often buy products from online and offline markets but have you ever thought about how those items are organized or stored in their warehouses. The logistic industry is behind all those processes that deal with not only planning but executing this Transportation goal efficiently. Companies are specializing in logistics and provide facilities to move and store items both inside and outside the warehouse to manufacturing and retailing businesses.

How is robotics affecting the logistics industry?


Robotics is drastically transforming our logistics industry. In warehouses across the world, an army of robots is rising. Intelligent machines and artificial automation are spreading throughout the core of the logistics industry. Robotics is helping sort out and amplify the process of online purchases by selecting, manufacturing, and packaging the products. The reason is that consumers want faster and price-competitive shipping from the internet. The companies that are running these facilities are introducing groundbreaking technology to make what traditionally demands more labor force.

The original goal of logistic Robots


The original goal of logistic robots was to use the latest mobile automated guided machines which look like vehicles, in warehouses. These Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are used to provide the facility to pick, move and store objects around the warehouse. Automated robots play a vital role in the logistic industry by decreasing the logistic cost and restructuring the supply chain.

The Role of logistic Robots in the E-commerce industry


Ecommerce companies like Amazon have been using robotics in their warehouses since 2018. They’ve introduced their mobile robots to store and ship products to their customers that are bought on their website. Such intelligent machines work on a simple track. They receive instructions about the location of the products, pick them up in their large shelving units, and take them to human workers.

The benefits of logistic Robots in the industry


Robotics has made the industry more effective and efficient while operating faster and creating more products and ultimately generating more profit. Despite the efficiencies that come with these technologies, there are fears of job losses since it reduces human labor. Those tasks which were manually performed by humans are now done by automated machines. But we should not forget that to make the use of these machines more optimum, we still need human workers. We can’t rely on machines only as humans are the actual intellectual capital of any business. To overcome these fears, the tech industry is working on robots that work collaboratively with humans. 

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