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Solutions tailored to your needs, with high service levels and reliability that deliver bottom-line benefits at the heart of all of our operations.


Our Importer of Record services makes shipping technology hardware across the globe hassle-free, even though you may have zero footprint in the destination country. TLS Technologies facilitates distribution of Technology Hardware, Medical Machinery, Telecom Products, Printing Technology, Data Center Hardware, Networking Technology, Satellite Technology, and much more into countries where you do not have a registered business entity to tackle the necessary import permits, licenses and authorizations. We step in to handle all the paperwork, permits, and requirements on your behalf. We also offer 24/7 communication support and intervention, if needed.

Medical IOR

TLS Technologies provides skilled importer and regulatory services for distribution and global compliance in the complex medical and clinical trial space. Through our global network, we offer importer of record and regulatory compliance service to successfully import ancillary supplies and medical equipment. TLS Technologies will undertake all the import compliance work and ease the process for the customer. Our Global network and warehouse can keep your equipment safe and ready for delivery to your users when required.

Spare parts

TLS Technologies network consists of the country depot (Warehouse) that stocks all the parts required to support the field. The number of parts in such depots run extremely high depending upon the volume of sales and can range from 15000 SKUs to 35000 SKUs.

GST Reclaim

We also offer to refund your VAT/GST in Australia and New Zealand. We only keep the percentage of the refund amount. Feel free to enquire further for this service.


We have two different division in our warehousing domain namely a) good part and b) defective parts store. In case of good spare parts, the warehouse maintains and manages two separate inventory lines as well as separate processes to manage original spare parts procured from vendors and refurbished spare parts repaired locally through third party repair vendors.

Against each good part supplied, a faulty part is taken back which travels through the various stocking points to the warehouse’s defective parts store. The defective parts store then issue parts to identified vendors for repair and once repaired, issues back the refurbished parts to good store for inventory. In some cases, if the faulty parts are under warranty, they are grouped together and re-exported back to the vendor overseas for free replacement under warranty.


Given the complicated trade and import requirements, most countries require licenses for the import of goods. Our in-house custom experts and licensing services handle the process with due diligence.

Our trade experts will clear the goods in record time with zero hassles. We cover all import permits, quarantine permits and treatments that apply to your specific category and type of imported goods, We also check whether they are complying with the mandatory safety and information standards.

You run the risk of not receiving your imports if you do not follow the correct steps and regulations, in keeping with the law and protocols.

Technical Services & Field Engineering Services

TLS Technology also provides Services Division which includes a full range of technical field services to our customers in more than 150 countries, including technical exchange, repair, installation, deinstallation and project-related services. We provide complete end-to-end solution or only a subset of these services, and depending upon the solution, we customise our support offerings to meet our customers’ specific needs.

When it comes to the range of services, we support a wide range of equipment and technologies to keep up with ever-changing market. Our partnerships with local and regional players across various countries ensures highest level of commitment when it comes to installation, uninstallation, repair, and other project-related services. Our technical field services are backed up by a complete supply chain solution that provides a reliable infrastructure to a rising number of clients.

Our support engineers have extensive experience with a variety of IT equipment and solutions. All IT support engineers are subjected to a thorough pre-employment screening process.

The following items are supported: • Desktop PCs • Laptops & Notebooks • Servers • Switches, Hubs, and Routers • Printers

Pak-Afghan Transit Trade

Pakistan – Afghanistan Transit Trade Agreement (also Known as APTTA) is a bilateral trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The treaty gave Afghanistan the right to import duty-free goods through Karachi. Afghanistan is a war zone area and most of the companies do not operate directly in Afghanistan and rely on the companies who have operations in Pakistan. TLS Technologies offers wide range of services in Afghanistan, as we are available in Torkham, Pakistan which is a Durand line between both countries.

We offer below services under
Pak-Afghan Transit Trade

Solutions tailored to your needs, with high service levels and reliability that deliver bottom-line benefits at the heart of all of our operations.

Military Logistics​

Goods on Humanitarian Ground

IOR & EOR Services​

Cross Boarder
Custom Formalities


Procurement and collection of DG Scrap from Afghanistan under BASEL convention

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