What do you need to know about the IOR process?

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In this era of technology, the world massively relies on imports to build viable products. Importing your products can massively increase your business profit margin. But what if your company doesn’t have a physical existence in a destination where you would like to sell your goods? In such a situation, Importer of record(IOR) services can be used. Not only will it provide a culturally diverse environment and exposure to your business, but it will expand the possibility of expanding your business worldwide.

Why do you need an IOR service provider?

Every business that imports high-quality or sensitive products need a physical entity in the local country to enable the goods to be distributed locally. But that can be highly expensive for your business if you import to more than one country. Furthermore, expertise is required to know about compliance rules, trade and customs regulations for each country you are importing to. As you have to focus more on your core competencies, an IOR service provider can be a saviour for your business, and it can evaporate all those issues that you will face while importing.

Things to remember while using IOR services for the first time

Before you get started with IOR services, you need to take care of a few things.

Firstly, you should know your business model. Are you going to drop-ship products or do you want to ship something that will support your business in the long run, such as a data center?

Secondly, think of your products. Are your products according to the compliance rules of the local country? While getting an IOR service, make sure they are aware of the rules and regulations and the documents needed for the process. Because every country has its own rules and every shipment needs different documents.

Consult with a reliable and qualifying Importer of Record service provider like TLS technologies that can guide and inform you throughout your process. You should always opt for an IOR provider, that understands your business model, the reason you are importing the products, and what will it take to make the shipment successful and smooth.

Now when you are ready with your products, your end goal is defined, you’ve got all your documents needed and the products match the compliances, TLS technologies will take the process further and assist you with the whole process. Therefore you can focus on your main business and produce quality products and gain the maximum profit.

Why choose TLS Technologies?

With TLS, using the IOR services you will not only get a smooth and even import, but you will get more time to focus on your core business. You will be free from all the unnecessary hurdles of custom clearance, and learning the rules and regulations of the local country. Importer of Record services by TLS technologies will estimate all the costs and payments before the goods arrive as well as the time your products will arrive after you provide the needed information.

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