Why TLS Technologies?

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What started with a simple vision of expanding our reach to more countries and delivering top-notch service to our customers has translated into us becoming a global provider of importer of record (IOR) and exporter of record (EOR) services. We are now present in over 5 continents and 155+ countries worldwide! International trade is a complex business activity that requires expertise across various domains including trade compliance, regulations, and import-export process.

The service supply chain channel which entails trade between parties across international borders calls for a reliable and credible Importer of the Record service provider. Even if our prospective customer has no footprint in a country, we can address all paperwork and queries related to import or export without any third-party intervention.

Role of our IOR services:

  • Shipping hardware technology seamless and efficient
  • Import licenses and compliances
  • Global supply chain solutions
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Custom Clearance and Trade Compliance

With more than 10 years of experience in handling high-value shipments, TLS Technology enables you to ship hardware technology, medical machinery, telecom products, printing technology, networking and much more into countries where you do not have a presence or a registered business entity to undertake the necessary import permits, licenses or authorizations. We handle all the paperwork, permits, and requirements on your behalf. Zero interaction is needed from the end-user. However, many businesses fail to understand the value of an Importer of Record (IOR) and how this impacts effective global supply chain management.

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